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Our company is one of the major traders in the supply of petroleum products to the countries of Central Asia. Procurement activities are mainly carried out directly from the factories, that allows us to comply with delivery times and guarantee the quality of oil products.

The priority of our company is the export of petroleum products to the countries of Central Asia, Mongolia and China.

Our production

The widest range of products that we can supply for you is provided by Oxen Bussines partners plants. Learn more by phone: +00971502306489

Petrol and diesel fuel

The main products for delivery are diesel fuel and petrol. They are supplied regularly per month of approximately 10,000 tons, which allows Oxen business FZE LLC to perform dozens of applications of our customers

Dark petroleum products

Dark oil products differ from light ones in a high content of various residues of processing, which have a large molecular weight, they are almost opaque. These include: fuel oil, gas turbine fuel, tar, bitumen.


You can buy liquefied gas by contacting our experts and discussing the details of the order. With proper operation, propane-butane is safe and harmless.


Petrochemical raw materials are for the chemical industry. You can buy toluene, orthoxylene, solvent, aromatic hydrocarbon fractions, isobutanol


We supply lubricants all over the world. Motor, industrial, preservative and other types of oils.

Our partners

Dozens of large companies entrusted us with the sale of their product, and hundreds of customers were satisfied with the quality of services provided.

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